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Celebrating Over 50 Years Of Family Fun & Fresh Produce

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Darrell Hebert


Our Heritage Farm Is More Than A Name And Is The Reason We Keep The Adventure Going.

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meet our team

A family founded and run business supported by an ever growing amazing team.

Damian Semonin, Managing Director Cornish Craft Barn
Damian Sémonin

founder/art tutor

A lifelong lover of learning and teaching who has subsequently been teaching, coaching and training for many years in the commercial SME and education sectors for various subject specialisms.

Rachel Sémonin

co-founder / Textiles tutor

Business and languages graduate specialising in restaurant and textile course operational management alongside her textile mixed media portfolio work. 

Rhalina & George

At the heart of the cornish craft barn

With creative arts backgrounds between them as well as being practising artists. Their work can be seen in the shop or even on your plate in the café!

Amélie Sémonin

junior creator & inspiration

A true budding artist with pens and brushes in her hands leading the way in the fast and loose daily painting movement!  

our mission

the journey making a lifestyle dream come true

Rachel and Damian had long planned to develop and work in and on a creative hub for the community that brings people together in a time where technology can often isolate many of us and reduce our contact time with needed peers and friends in the creative community to share in projects, bounce ideas off and most importantly enjoying each other’s company over shared creative passions. Blog article on the CCB development…. 

CCB Roof work
Family founded supported by ever growing team

Grateful and proud of the CCB team coming together over the last few months.


Your Kind Feedback & Comments

Thank you, we are always striving to improve and appreciate your helpful comments and support

NHS Logo, Cornish Craft Barn
Vicky Thomas

NHS Foundation Trust

1 star rating
1 star rating
1 star rating
1 star rating
1 star rating
Cornish Craft Barn Venue Hire

“The upstairs venue space is great, everyone who attended loved it, especially the view and the great food available. From my perspective it was easy to organise and a great facility with all the equipment needed to run the session. We would use again without hesitation.”

Cornish Craft Barn La Palette Logo
Lorraine Baggs

Local Guide, Cornwall

1 star rating
1 star rating
1 star rating
1 star rating
1 star rating
Cornish Craft Barn Café

“Great place for a light lunch and cake. Indoor and outdoor seating. Good choice on the menu plus special board. Dog friendly as well. Set in an rural setting but can see this is going to be a popular go to for lunch.”

Hygge Holidays Logo, Cornish Craft Barn
Hygge Holidays Guest

Sue, UK

1 star rating
1 star rating
1 star rating
1 star rating
1 star rating
Hygge Holidays Cornwall

“Great little Air BB property in a ideal east location to visit lots of Cornwall. Great for dogs and the hot tub is a fab bonus to the property. We’ll be back! ”

Official Sponsor Of The Fall Festival