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A Delightful Gathering

A Delightful Gathering: Patchwork Pals Club at the Cornish Barn

Last week a much-anticipated event took place at the charming Cornish Craft Barn — the newly launched Patchwork Pals Club brought together crafting enthusiasts from near and far to share their passion for all things patchwork.

A Warm Welcome and welcoming atmosphere awaited plus; coffee and cake! We had a show and tell and shared our passions and knowledge with the ladies who attended. Everybody brought their own projects, some hand sewing, some machine sewing and somebody actually brought along an inherited unfinished patchwork squares seeking inspiration and guidance!! I think collectively we came up with a plan and are looking forward to seeing a lap quilt in progress at our next meet which is then going to be auctioned for a local animal charity!

If you are looking to immerse yourself in patchwork – modern or traditional – and connect with like-minded individuals, the Patchwork Pals Club at the Cornish Craft Barn might just be the perfect community for you.

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